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Discipling the unreached globally, touching one soul at a time with a focus on unreached villages, orphans, pregnant teens and the trafficked. At Glorious Place your support inspires young generations to fulfill their God given vision by equipping them with the Gospel and life skills, for reentry into society.

Our mission program provides opportunities for both new and experienced believers, to directly minster to those in need and to the churches in Africa through revivals, preaching, discipleship, and signs and wonders.

Missions and FAQ

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In July, 2023 we finished the construction and dedicatation of a church in Ngozi, Ruvu district, Tanzania. This area has a Christian population of only 5% and is ripe for a great spiritual harvest.  See more

For 2024 we are anticipating the opening of our Glorious Place Womens Center in Morogoro that can house 10 girls initially, and provide skills for life, fulfilling their God given destinies. See more



Our missions are growing. The needs are great but so is the hunger for God. We partner with local churches and communities to create a better future for Tanzanians and beyond. See our 2023 mission highlights here.

Mission 2024 is being organized now. A $500 airfare deposit is required by December 1, 2023. You can sign up for 2, 3, or 4 week segments with the start date of Monday, May 27, 2024. See more details here.


In addition to our future center in Morogoro, we have partner families that house and take care of teen women in pregnancy situations. See more.


Training and equipping the next generation of leaders through focused programs, vocational trainings, mentorship and discipleship is now located in our new church facility in Ngozi, Tanzania.



Empowering people’s lives to fulfill their God given destiny. 



Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost

Matthew 28:19



Grow and equip the body of Christ, through church revival, teaching, signs and wonders; outreaches to windows, orphans, teen pregnancy  and an emphasis on human trafficking victims. 


Impacting the Future

Sharing the Gospel globally, touching one soul at a time. At Glorious Place – Hope for the Deprived, you’ll have the opportunity to spread the news of the Kingdom, and learn about different cultures, while also reaching orphans and youth girls in pregnancy crisis.

Our mission trips are a unique chance to make a lasting impact in a nation battling with spiritual poverty. You’ll do more than meet temporary needs as you partner with Glorious Place to create a better future for Africans

If you are unable to attend a mission trip, but you would still like to help support our efforts, please consider becoming a child sponsor. By sponsoring a child, you are helping with their education, meals, clothing, and medical care, in an Christian environment. Please visit our Sponsor A Child page for more information.



We provide training and resources for the next generation of leaders through our Equipping Centers, with programs focusing on  vocational trainings and the Gospel of Jesus Christ; preaching in churches, revivals, and outreaches to local populations.

Our Top Priorities:

  • To counter gender suppressive traditions and/or gender-based violence and trafficking against children and the community at large.
  • To empower those with the Gospel and vocational skills to fulfill God’s vision.
  • To establish “one stop” Women’s Centers as safe houses and orphanages for victims of gender-based violence.
  • To promote awareness and good governance among children and community at large.
  • To carry out ministerial activities, charitable works and promote education.