Mission 2024

MISSION 2024 will be from May 27, 2024 through June 26, 2024. You will be ministering in villages and cities as preachers, evangelists and altar workers. There are 2 revivals being planned during the first two weeks of the mission. We are exploring opportunities outside of Tanzania (Zambia, Zimbabwe) depending on the availability of workers. With the expected completion of our Women’s Center in 2024, we anticipating additional ministry opportunities towards young women in need.

You can sign up for a two, three, or four week assignment however, all ministers will depart to Africa on May 27th. Formal ministry duties will normally be confined to 4 days per week: Thursday through Sunday. The remaining time is allowed for travel, rest and optional tourist activities such as an overnight stay on Zanzibar Island, or a safari at a major game reserve.

All people under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. To register for this year’s mission trip, please fill out the form below and explore the FAQ’s for additional information.

To read our Release and Waiver of Liability Statement, click here.

By participating in any Glorious Place mission activity, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our Release and Waiver of Liability Statement.

If you are unable to attend a mission trip but you would still like to help support our efforts in Africa, consider becoming a sponsor of a teen or child. You will be helping to provide education, meals, clothing and medical care, in an Christian environment. Please visit our Sponsor A Child page for more information.

Mission Trip

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the price of the trip?
  • International round trip flight, from USA to Africa.
  • Accommodations – Primarily Airbnb, hotels, and local homes. If a private hotel room is required for the duration of stay, it will be an extra charge.
  • Ground and air transport within Africa.
  • Food – Locally provided, 3 meals per day.
What is NOT included in the price?
  • Tanzania immigration visa fee of $100 upon entry.
  • Tourism expenditures and fees.
  • Souvenirs
  • Voluntary personal offerings for windows, orphans, and local ministries.


A $500 *non-refundable deposit fee is due by December 1, 2023. This fee is included as part of the total cost below. The total balance is due by May 1, 2024. Applications past the December 1, 2023 date may result in  higher pricing due to airfare costs.


    • 2 Weeks – $3,950
    • 3 Weeks – $4,490
    • 4 Weeks – $4,950

* See “What is the $500 registration fee for?” FAQ for more information.


What is the $500 registration fee for?

The $500 registration fee is to lock in your airfare ticket reservation with our travel agents securing group rates.

Note that this is not the full price of the airfare and is considered a full faith deposit by you, per standard airline business practices.

If you want to consider a fully refundable ticket, minus any cancellation penalties, you will need to pay the full price of the ticket up front. 

As of this writing, round-trip fares from the US to Dar es Saalam, TZ during our mission dates are running from $1800-$2100 USD. 

Is the cost of the trip tax-deductible?

Because monies will be paid to either Glorious Place or House of God’s Glory, both registered 501c3 corporations with the IRS, these can possibly be considered donations. However, please consult with your tax advisor on how to file.

What type of ministry work will I be doing?
  • Varied by the needs of the host organizations, communities, and pastors.
  • Generally speaking, preaching, evangelism, altar work, teaching the word of God to the local churches, villages, youth, and children, and any other ministerial need that is required at the moment.
  • Additionally, you will be involved in  humanitarian services such as food and clothing distributions to orphans and widows.
Who will be leading the team?

Please see our “About Us” page describing our leadership team here.

How will non-family adult accommodations work?

All rooms will be divided by gender, male or female, if rooms have multiple beds. You will be staying in three possible places:

  • Host families, often church members.
  • On site, lodging on the organization’s property.
  • Hotel or AirBnB.
How will family accommodations work?
  • Families may stay together in their own room if such space is available to accomodate.
  • Depending on age and gender of minors, they may be divided into separate rooms. This includes adult children as well.
Do I need to have local currency?

You should have some local currency as the use credit cards is not widespread in more rural areas. The best way to obtain cash is through your credit card company (through the Visa network for example) and withdraw from available ATMs in larger towns.

How much are tourism activities?

You should expect an overnight stay in Zanzibar or a one-day safari to be at least $200 per person, for planning purposes.  However we are looking into group pricing depending on the number of people interested.

Will there be an opportunity to buy souvenirs?


What is the food like and do I need to bring any of my own?
  • While serving in your host community, a variety of meals will be offered, from local cuisine to American style food on occasion. The cuisine in Tanzania is similar in spice to Indian dishes, including chicken or beef with rice or potatoes and cooked vegetables. Note that most of the food  is fresh and organic. Usually the native food is one of the team’s highlights!
  • Note that all meals are provided for, from the time you arrive to the time you depart.
  • If you have special dietary needs we will do our best to cater to individual circumstances however we cannot guarentee a replicated environment from home. If there are certain supplimentary items that you require, we suggest you bring them.
  • If you desire to have some favorite or familiar food items, such as travel snacks, then please bring them as there may be times where stopping at a marketplace may be inconvenient, or the selection may not satifactory to you.
What is the long-term plan to support those we’ll be serving during this short-term ministry experience?
  • Because of the connections between Glorious Place and the local leaders, there is a continuous open line of communication throughout the year.
  • We encourage workers to create ongoing relationships as well however we strongly discourage “direct” financial support as this can lead to awkward circumstances and dependencies.
  • If you wish to support a particular local minister or ministry, please send all funds through Glorious Place with instructions as to your intentions.