Pastor’s Dr. Emmie and Jema Mandari are founders of Glorious Place missions, with operations based in Tanzania, Africa. Sharing the passion for the Kingdom of God, their vision and calling is to reach the deprived, abandoned, abused, and lost.

Pastor Emmie grew up in Botswana being the daughter of missionary parents from Tanzania and experiencing ministry as a lifestyle. In 1998 Emmie came to America and studied at Christ For The Nations Institute, Dallas TX. After graduating with a degree in Practical Theology and Pastoral Studies, she attended Dallas Baptist University, graduating with degrees in both Business and Healthcare Management. During her work in the banking industry up until 2013, Emmie obeyed God’s calling to step into her role as a pastor, and established the House of God’s Glory Church in 2010.

Pastor Jema was raised near Moshi, Tanzania close to Mount Kilimanjaro. After completing secondary school, he became a local business man in the hospitality and auto parts industries. Soon after, he traveled to the Netherlands and attended Gävle University in Rotterdam studying Business Administration. It was there that Emmie, while on vacation, met Jema in 2007. Coming from a strict Muslim household he was radically converted in 2008 and has embraced his ministerial calling in the Kingdom ever since.

Emmie and Jema were married in 2011 and are the senior leaders of House Of God’s Glory Church, Plano TX.

Pastor Reggie Borik has a love for the Tanzanian people and their nation. First invited in 2021, he has never regretted the opportunity to serve there. In 2023 he reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro on June 27. 

Reggie is an ordained pastor and coordinator for Glorious Place Missions. As a street minister, he participates in regular outreaches and has seen the power of God firsthand. He holds administrative offices in both an anti-human trafficking ministry, as well as a national mission trip and events organization.

Reggie also oversees a house church ministry on a weekly basis. He currently works for a Fortune 100 technology company and lives in the Dallas, Texas area.